Guide to Playing Sbobet Basketball at Arenagaming88

Guide to Playing Sbobet Basketball at Arenagaming88 – basketball is one of the favorite sports for gamblers after football. There are even some gamblers who play betting only on basketball, not least playing both basketball and soccer. But not everyone knows how to play basketball properly. On this occasion we will explain the Guidelines for Playing Basketball Betting on Sbobet and also the calculation rules. There are still many gamblers who don’t know how to calculate it because almost most gamblers only know the calculation of soccer bets.

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Basketball Gambling on Sbobet

In accordance with the game rules in basketball, there are 4 rounds (quarters) in a match. Where in 1 Quarter is 1 round. HT / FT appearance in basketball games consists of:

HT = 1 Quarter and 2 Quarter
FT = 1 Quarter, 2 Quarter, 3 Quarter, and 4 Quarter
That is, the market provided on HT is for 2 rounds, and for FT is 4 rounds. After paying attention to this, you will have your first lesson in the basketball game system.

2. Handicap Game System (HT / FT HDP)

There is a slight difference between football and basketball, namely the acquisition of a number for each ball entered. Soccer counts 1 number in every Goal scored. Meanwhile basketball relies on points. Each ball that enters the net is worth 1 point, 2 points or 3 points. So, it is not uncommon for the handicap in basketball to be bigger.
NB: Over Time (OT) is always included in the calculation in all Handicap bets.

3. Over / Under Game System (Over / Under)

In every Basketball match that runs and is considered not Potential, the Over Time will be included (calculated) in the Over / Under. Meanwhile, if the match runs Potential, then Over Time is not included (does not count) in Over / Under.
Example of calculation of Basketball Over / Under.
Example: Team A vs Team B Match Result
Quarter 1 = 53–51
Quarter 2 = 52–57
Quarter 3 = 54–46
Quarter 4 = 67–72
Over Time = 33–19
Thus, the total FT without Over Time is 226–226
and, the total FT with Over Time is 259–245

This means, if the match runs without cheating, then the Over / Under result will be 452. However, if Sbobet considers the match to be cheating, then the Over / Under result will be 504.
4. Odd / Even Game System (Odd / Even)
There is no difference in the Odd / Even game system for soccer and basketball. Just a little addition, that the Over Timer still counts in the Odd / Even game.

5. Special Basketball Game Regulatory System in International Competitions

There are several Competitions in the World which have specific rules regarding how long a round is run. The following are details of each of the rules for the length of a match in a round:
* NBA or NBL, has a rule of only playing 10 minutes per Quarter (round). And the total is approximately 43 minutes for 4 quarters. This time does not include Over Time.
* NCAA or other Competition Leagues, generally only lasts 7 minutes in 1 Quarter (round). And a total of approximately 40 minutes for 4 quarters. This time does not include Over Time.
* Over time usually only lasts 5 minutes.
That’s all from our Guide to Playing Basketball Betting on Sbobet, the more you understand the closer you are to your victory.