Recognizing the Chicken with the Greatest Chance of Winning

Recognizing the Chicken with the Greatest Chance of Winning – In playing the cockfighting betting game, you need to have the skills to recognize and look for chickens with a chance of winning. The history of pelung chicken begins with a story that developed in the community, more precisely in the village of Bunikasih, Warungkondang sub-district, Cianjur, West Java around the 1850s. This pelung chicken is a legend in the history of the past and the pelung chicken is different from most chickens in general. This article will discuss more deeply about the characteristics of pelung chickens. Pelung chicken is a farm chicken originating from Cianjur. Pelung chickens are widely kept as ornamental chickens because of their strong, relatively long and rhythmic sound. Pelung chicken enthusiasts in Indonesia are also increasing. This type of pelung chicken is kept only to be included in the daftar sv388 competition. Characteristics of Quality Pelung Chicken: The characteristic of a good pelung chicken is that when it crows the pelung chicken will make a long sound and a different rhythm when compared to other types of free-range chickens. The characteristics of pelung chickens are seen in terms of body posture. Pelung chickens have a large and sturdy body and are much heavier or larger when compared to local chickens in general. Adult pelung chickens weigh up to 3kg and are 30 to 40cm tall. The characteristics of pelung chickens are seen in terms of legs. Pelung chickens have larger legs and are black and bluish in color. The characteristics of the pelung chicken from the comb. The comb owned by the pelung chicken is a single large, erect and red in color. If the pelung chicken is seen in terms of feather color. Pelung chickens do not have a standard color for their feathers, but in general the color of pelung chicken feathers has a mixture of red and black, yellow and white and or a mixture of shiny green. The advantages of Pelung Ornamental Chicken: Pelung chickens have a heavier body weight, in contrast to the body weight of other native chickens. The size of the male pelung chicken weighs up to 5 to 6 kg, while the female pelung chicken weighs 3 to 3.5 kg. Has a very fast development. From children to adults the growth looks faster than other types of free-range chickens. It has a long, rhythmic crow.